45 Times Fans Radically Reimagined Your Favorite Disney Princesses

The Disney princess is a beloved cultural staple. Their flowing locks, their lyrical songs, their tasteful yet subtly sexy dresses…but enough is enough. Forget about their goody-two-shoes behavior and let’s take them out of their comfort zone. Yes, Belle, Ariel, Aurora I’m talking about you. Here are 45 versions of the Disney princesses (we know, our definition is broader than the official one) that will make you look at them in a whole new light.

Pocahontas gets the Nicki Minaj treatment

Pocahontas goes all Anaconda on us in this modern take. By Vic Matos


Rapunzel or Miley Cyrus?

Rapunzel’s emulating Miley Cyrus. Erm. By Vic Matos

Rapunzel Miley Cyrus

A Full-Figured Jasmine

What Disney princesses might look like in real life. I like that Jasmine has a more natural waist! By Jirka Väätäinen


Instagram Princess

What would real life Disney princesses post on Instagram? Here’s your answer. By Simona Bonafini

Ariel Instagram

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  1. Oh Jeez. Please stop with the fat phobia. “Get off that carpet and go for a run?” Really. News flash, people don’t always lose weight when they exercise. There is such a thing as body diversity. Not all of us are meant to be sticks.

  2. The Jasmine comment was not intended as fat phobic, but as a light hearted joke in relation to the whole light hearted tone of the article. The image was from a series called “Chubby Disney Princesses” which celebrates body diversity; indeed the idea of princesses looking less than “Disney-standard” was the whole point of this list. Not implying we all need to look a certain way, suggesting the opposite. This image shouldn’t be unusual; the fact that it is means we need to have more of it.

  3. The princesses are not hanging out at the Playboy castle – they’re swooning over Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. I can see the confusion though, as he is a playboy billionaire and all.

  4. I’m mostly concerned about the horrid anatomy of the ‘sexy aurora’. Look at her arm. Her elbow. What happened.

  5. Umm just so you know number 20 is incorrect Princess Jasmine is FireBending…. And her tiger is Lightning which is another FireBending move….

  6. But these are princesses if you watch the damn movies you would see that the are all skinny but not for long btw you post any negative thing I will find you

  7. It is still fat shaming. By saying she needs to “get off that carpet and go for a run” you are implying that the way she is currently is unacceptable and she needs to do something about it=fat shaming.

  8. For those of you offended by the fat princess Jasmine joke needs to lay off. It was a joke referring to the picture, not you.

  9. Um, the author was joking; emphasis on the joking; that Jasmine should probably try to lose weight because she’s become morbidly obese. And with diet and exercise, nobody is naturally so heavy that they can barely move and their heart struggles to beat.

  10. And not all skinny people like to be called “sticks,” so how about you stop skinny shaming? Hypocrite.

  11. Thank you! EXACTLY!!! Fat shaming is bad, but skinny shaming is okay? I personally have been both, heavier set, and very slender, and I have been “fat shamed” and “skinny shamed.” Seems to me that some people are just determined to peoject their own personal shame onto others, no matter what the perceived “problem” with that other person may be. Another person’s weight is nobody’s business but thier own. Alot of people need to take a look deep down inside and figure out what the issue is internally that’s giving them the need to criticize other’s and tell them how they should or shouldn’t look.

  12. Ok…you guys and this stupid “people should be skinny and or fat” needs to stop…I mean sticks isn’t a good name for the skinny people…my boyfriend is skinny and looks sick…its gross…but as far as the princess thing..it was a part of a “chubby Disney princess” thing that zara stone said it was right..its kinda funny to be honest..to see a Disney princess being fat is funny because we are all use to seeing them overly skinny…so..people have a laugh and get on with your life’s c:

  13. Except that after a certain point you are just plain fat and gross and should do something about it. Idgaf if yiu don’t want to hear that but it’s the truth, being stupidly fat is unhealthy just like being stupidly skinny is unhealthy. Stop being butt hurt over stupid shit and grow the fuck up

  14. Fat people need to be shamed. They need to have a reality check and realize they aren’t healthy. Being fat is not healthy in any way. And before you say that some people can’t lose weight because of some stupid diabetes or thyroid problems, I’m going to shut you up now and say bullshit. My grandma has type 1 diabetes and my grandpa has type 2. Both are skinny and fit because of diet and exercise. My little sister has a thyroid problem and is losing weight as we speak because of exercise and diet. If you can’t lose your weight its because you’re lazy.

  15. Not everyone likes being called a “stick” either …. i could eat cheeseburgers and lay in bed for a week and not gain any weight at all. I’m 6’2″ and 145 lbs, and it hurts my feelings when people call me a stick.

  16. Natural waist? As opposed to an unnatural waist? I’m going to argue to something that’ll make me sound extremely insensitive but it absolutely needs to be said. Celebrating being a plain-looking woman is just as bad as obsessing over beauty. Art is supposed to be extraterrestrial. It’s supposed to be above and beyond humanity because us as humans have the natural consistency to aspire. I want to look like Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5, every woman wants to look like Scarlett Johansen AND THAT’S O-FUCKING-KAY. It stops being ok when you OBSESS over wanting to look like them, when you start becoming hurt by the fact you don’t. On the other hand, it’s also not ok to knock what you don’t have. A lot of women I’ve seen have a narrow waist and wide hips like Jasmine. To particularly say a straight waist is natural is insulting to the women who actually DO fit today’s beauty standards. What I’m trying to say is, for fuck’s sake, learn to love yourself AND be happy for other people. Don’t just be a bitter little raging cunt about today’s beauty standards as if you’re above them. The whole reason you’re mad is because you’re not. If you were truly comfortable in your own skin, you wouldn’t care about beauty standards if you’re not and admit you’re not then your opinions have been tainted by bias and sorry but that means you don’t have a credible opinion.

  17. Ummmm all fat plp don’t need to be ashamed cause if that the case skinny plp should be to and I agree they shouldn’t get called sticks but a lot of skinny plp always eating unhealthy just as fat plp they just don’t gain weight but be just as unhealthy as fat plp

  18. I am very aware of my fat and embrace it. I’m gonna be enjoying my KFC while you are eating your bland salad. Being fat is totally healthy for my mind and so far I haven’t ran into any health problems, so you can kiss my fat, beautiful ass! ;D

  19. Bitches Needa Stfu She Human Let Her Be Thick And If She Chubby Let Her Be Chubby Damn Because Watch One Of Your Family Members Become Fat And Yo Gonna Make Fun Of Them …Right No So Go Suck A Sick BODY SHAMING IS BAD!!!! So Stop

  20. I hate salad. Salad is stupid. I eat fried chicken, pizza, and steak. With an occasional fruit. I’m not fat. Because I’m not unhealthy. I work out, drink water, and also eat homemade meals. You can embrace your unhealthiness all you want, but the FACT remains the being fat is not good for you. Not my opinion, but FACT

  21. And the fact that remains here is I still can’t find the fucks I give. I’ve been to the doctor, and you know what’s funny? He said I’m perfectly healthy! Just because people have a little bit more fat than you doesn’t mean they can’t take care of themselves. Go get a reality check.

  22. I really hope you aren’t raising your child to think that way. I also hope that if you know and care about someone who is heavy, that you don’t shame them or be cruel even when some seem like they don’t care they are overweight, they really do but are struggling and maybe feel defeated. So be a kind and thoughtful inspiration instead of shaming and be encouraging and supportive on the journey to healthy weight loss.

  23. I personally know people who have bad thyroid diseases. Grave’s disease caused their thyroid to be so overactive that their heart was beating 130bpm at rest. They killed off 90% of their thyroid. Now their thyroid is slow even after meds. They work out daily and still are overweight a good bit even after dieting as well. Type 2 diabetes is caused by a bad lifestyle and eating too much sugar. Wtf does that even have to do with not being able to lose weight? It is caused by eating too much sugar. Everyone is different, and your ignorance to how others could possibly be different than you is saddening. Stop hating on others because you are insecure. People with good confidence don’t need to shake others to feel adequate…

  24. I’m sorry, since when is shaming people for any reason a respectable way to act? You say more about what a jerk you are than anything else when you act that way.

  25. Oh wow the time and energy you people have. I got exhausted at the second arguement I saw. At the end day your weight neither defines you, nor does it make u a good/bad individual. Its nobodies business to shame anyone. Let’s just all get along….why can’t we be friends why can’t we be friends….

  26. stop preaching and commenting. nobody wants to hear your opinion.did you notice NO ONE LIKES YOUR COMMENTS!! LOL

  27. Drugs don’t make you skinny. It’s the not eating that often times accompanies drug use that makes you skinny. Something you fatties could try every once in a while.

  28. This is a HUGE problem with our culture. We feel the need to distort everything until it’s unrecognizable. Why do we need to sexualize something as innocent as little girls cartoon idols? Why does EVERY female need to be turned into a slutty sexual object? Can’t we let children remain children and keep their innocence?

  29. I’m sick of everyone, everywhere always getting offended over the slightest shit. You should all be ashamed.

  30. Yeahhhhh…but I’m not certain any of us are meant to be morbidly obese, either. Oh, and people tend to lose weight when they exercise seriously. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.

  31. “Why can’t we be friends” is one of the most racist songs out there if you’d just listen to it.

  32. In my warped mental definition of “Waist,” it’s a measurement that is equal to or smaller than a persons hip measurement. Anything more, and it becomes an “Equator.” Just MHO.

  33. Fat shaming? Skinny shaming? Ugly shaming? Attractive shaming? I’m in awe! So many perfect people out there trying to bring others down to make themselves feel better. But I will offer one thing, and that’s I can’t count the times I’ve seen very attractive young women get married, pop out a couple of kids, and sit around the house and do absolutely nothing but change diapers, eat, watch the idiot box and blow up. There’s a HUGE (pardon the pun) difference between “Mature weight” and just sloppy lazy obese. Sure some of it is genetics and body type, but a 5’2″ woman who weighs 200 pounds isn’t healthy no matter how much they insist they are. OTOH, I’ve seen the exact opposite! Same scenario, but the big difference is that the ones who stayed at an appropriate weight worked at it by exercising (even when pregnant), watching their diets, and staying extremely active – even if it was walking around the block once a day. It’s sad when people are offended when you tell them they actually have to move around to burn off the calories they take in, and sitting on the sofa talking on the phone commiserating with their other fat friends isn’t going to solve anything. It’s possible to change, even if it takes the added help of some surgery, and it can and is being done daily with awesome results. Staying the same overweight, unambitious person is a viscous cycle. You’re bummed because you look like crap and deep down you know it, so you get depressed and eat your feelings, which just gets you fatter. Pretty soon decent clothes are a thing of the past for you. Meanwhile your other half has keyed in on someone half the woman you are – in a good way, and that just reinforces the cycle. Doesn’t mean you’re not a good person, it just means you’ve mentally given up, and need serious revision in your lifestyle. You may be the most wonderful, lovable person in the world, but slabs of rolling cellulite will more than cancel out any charm and wit you might possess. Rather than being offended by all those comments, you might want to consider buying a good blender and getting your jaws wired shut for three months and exercising rather than making excuses for your sloth. I know people who’ve dropped a lot of weight like that in three months. No surgery, no scars, and they began a trend in dropping weight that was visible and a positive.step in improving not only their physical health but their mental well being as well.

  34. I agree that some need a reality check because SOME literally choose crap/shit food over their own health. But I don’t believe in fat shaming. To the woman who gives no fucks in this thread, you are healthy now – that’s great. But years from now you won’t be if you keep living that way. Moderation is key and eating habits are just that, habits.

  35. I feel that exact same way whenever some female cosplayers feel the need to make a “sexy version” of every female comic book/TV show/cartoon/anime character. Oh, but if I openly object to it, then I’m called a “slut shamer.”

  36. Theres also such a thing as medication. I exersice eat well and drink properly but at the same time have health issues and am on medication that make me retain weight. Do not judge people by what they look like. Just like I am not unhealthy not all skinny people are healthy some could only be skinny because they are starving themselves or are drug addicts. If you don’t know a person’s life and health issues you have no right to comment on them.

  37. Everyone is worried about the cute rendition of Jasmine looking a little fluffy but no one says anything about Sexy Aurora’s weird thigh gap when her legs are crossed. Her legs are crossed! Can you even have a thigh gap if your legs are crossed??