Chuck the Philips ShoqBox Mini into the Pool

Philips is bringing some cheap new portable speakers to CES this year, including the ShoqBox Mini. With a name like that and its looks, you know it’s going to be rugged, but this speaker has an extra surprise that helps it sound just as good.

The ShoqBox Mini is rugged, but excels at staving off water. Not only does it have a waterproof casing, it can actually float, so you can feel free to chuck it into the pool with impunity. You can even use it to take some poolside calls, thanks to a built-in microphone. When it’s time for music, Philips has implemented anti-clipping circuitry to help cut down on the distortion that occurs when the amplifier gets overloaded.

Philips is showing off the ShoqBox Mini at CES, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to wait around for it. You can buy it right now for $60.

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