Speck Mightyshell + Faceplate for iPhone 6 is a Crazy Tough yet Slim Case

At CES 2015, we heard about what Speck had in store for this year, including brand new MightyShell iPhone cases that ramp up protection for Apple’s newest and perhaps most fragile phones. The thicker cases provide more protection from shocks with a rubberized coating that helps you grip the phone, which is great because a phone that thin and large isn’t exactly the most ergonomic.

But, Speck’s not done. They’re pairing that MightyShell Case with a Faceplate, and as you might expect, this isn’t just any old screen cover. A polycarbonate frame holds a five-layer screen protector that helps ward off scratches and cracks. There’s a hard, anti-microbial surface layer on top of three layers of varying rigidity that disperse and absorb shocks to prevent cracks. On the bottom is an adhesive layer that bonds to the iPhone’s touchscreen to ensure that the touchscreen works as well as before.

That’s all surrounded by the MightyShell case, which now has three layers of protection. There’s hard polycarbonate on the outside, an outer TPU layer for grip, and an inner TPE layer that has concentric ridges on the inside that compress to disperse shocks when you drop the phone. A 2 mm raised bezel helps to protect the screen, which is already protected by the Faceplate.

I don’t know what all this says about the build quality of the iPhone (or smartphones in general, if this pairing ever comes out for other phones), but goodness, that’s a lot of protection. It’ll cost you, too—MightyShell + Faceplate for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6 costs $60, while the iPhone 6 Plus version goes for $70.

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