SkySaver Backpack is Your Ticket Out of a Burning Building

Live in a high-rise building and don’t trust your cooking skills? SkySaver is an altogether different sort of backpack that can save your life in the event of an apartment fire — by giving you a fire-resistant rope to help you rappel down the building.

Inside SkySaver is a metal rope coiled up and ready for use. When you buy a SkySaver backpack, you’ll also get an anchor to install near a window. In case of emergency, you can fasten one end of the rope to the anchor using a carabiner, strap on the harness part of the backpack, and rappel down the side of the building safely — you’ll only descend at a maximum of 6.5 feet per second, with a maximum load of 300 pounds.


Simple as that! If you’re in danger, you can hop out of a window and down to safety in seconds. SkySaver c0mes in rope lengths of 80, 160, and 260 feet, so you can grab one depending on which floor of your building you live on. And, while this one is meant specifically for safety purposes (it’s a one-time use product, although it sounds like you can get a replacement if you ever need to use yours in an emergency), we’d love to see this idea expanded on in the future. Sometimes, the date really does take that much of a turn for the worse.

SkySaver isn’t available yet, but will be soon for $750, $800, and $850 according to rope length.