Philips Rolls Out a 27” 5K Monitor

There was a big push at IFA 2015 toward cashing in on the not-so-nascent professional video gaming scene. An explosion of interest in high-performance gaming has paved the way for an explosion of interest in devices stuffed with more powerful processors and graphics cards. But, computing performance is nothing without a monitor to do it justice — good thing we have this beauty from Philips and MMD, one of the best monitors we saw on the show floor this year.


While we’re a little bummed that the display is only 27″ — far too small to really take advantage of 5K resolution — there’s more technology in here that makes the investment worth it. PerfectKolor Technology preserves the factory-calibrated colors while giving you a spectrum of over one billion distinct colors, ensuring fidelity to the source material. You can also divide the display into two or more sections for use with separate inputs, but again, we think 27″ might be a little too far on the small side to make that worth it.


While the 5K monitor is nice, the 34″ curved monitor might just be the better option here. 3440 x 1440 resolution is still plenty good for a 34″ display, while the curved, widescreen format might be a better choice for dedicated performance video game players. There are also DTS Sound-powered integrated speakers, but chances are you already have your own preferred speakers or headphones if you’re interested in grabbing this monitor.

We’re not sure how much these monitors will cost or when they’ll be available.