JBL Extreme Review – Sure To Be The Life Of The Party

chipchickpick1JBL’s Extreme Speaker is not just another portable Bluetooth speaker, instead it’s a mid-size speaker whose goal is to become the life of your party. To that effect, turn the Extreme on and its passive radiators not only pump out crazy strong bass, but they also create a neat vibration effect that is sure to impress your friends. JBL has designed the Extreme to make it splash proof, and its design is overall quite rugged. In addition, they have thrown in a detachable carrying strap to make it easy to transport with you on your next adventure.


Speaking of taking it with you, JBL loves to pack in rechargeable batteries into their speakers that also serve to charge your other gadgets. In particular, the Extreme manages to pack in a large 10,000 mAh battery that can keep it going for 15 hours. But what’s especially appreciated is that thanks to dual usb charge out ports, you can use the Extreme to charge your phone and other gadgets while you’re traveling.


Sure, JBL does make smaller portable bluetooth speakers like the Flip 3 or Charge 2+, but the the Extreme’s extra girth allows for even more power and punch. To that effect, the audio on this system is powerful with strong bass that will more than fill a room. It’s also relatively balanced for such a compact speaker, and despite its strong bass, it really shines on vocals. Built-in JBL Connect technology allows you to connect the Extreme with other compatible JBL speakers should you want addition oomph, but don’t worry, this little big guy packs plenty of oomph on his own.



We love that the speaker is splash proof – so it’s ready to be taken to “extreme” places. We also appreciate the included detachable carrying strap which is reminiscent of a seat belt. This makes transporting the speaker a breeze, and helps make the speaker become a total attention grabber when you walk around with it. Overall, the JBL Extreme is sure to be the life of the party, that includes everything from a poolside party, to a camping trip, to a dorm party and everything in between – because this portable speaker will rock you.

The JBL Extreme retails for $299 and is available now in a choice of blue, black, or red.

The Good: It’s splash proof, packs in powerful audio with strong bass, comes in several colors, doubles as a high capacity 10,000mAH battery pack, passive radiators create a neat effect, included strap makes it easy to transport the Extreme, rechargeable battery

The Bad: Nada.