iPhone 6S Gets the Retro Apple Logo Treatment

Last year, ColorWare hit us with a super limited run of 10 13″ MacBook Air laptops masquerading as old Apple IIe computers. Those 10 units were expensive at $3,500 each, but they still sold out in just four days. ColorWare, not one to leave money on the table, is bringing the Retro series back for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and this time there are more units to go around. Barely.


ColorWare is customizing 25 each of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, so you’ve got five times the chances to get a Retro Apple paint job this time around, although I wouldn’t bet on having five times as many days to make your decision. As always, ColorWare is taking the process seriously (as befits the price) — each of the 50 phones will be carefully dissembled, customized, painted, and put back in the original packaging for shipping.

All of the Retro iPhones in this run will be new — you won’t be able to send in your used iPhone 6S or 6S Plus to get a new paint job (at least not this particular one). The iPhone 6S Retro starts at $1,600 and ships in three weeks, while the iPhone 6S Plus Retro starts at $1,700 and ships in four weeks. If you want a home run holiday gift for the Apple fanatic in the family, look no further.

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