Super Mario Bros World 1-1 Gets Remade to Make Bold Statement About Accessibility

To be honest, I’m not totally sure what to think about this little video, but its heart seems to be in the right place. The creators of the video are raising awareness about the importance of handicap accessibility with a little help from Mario (and especially Luigi) by making World 1-1 wheelchair-friendly — there were a lot of steps on that level, after all.

After suffering an accident early on in World 1-1, Mario finds himself wheelchair-bound and unable to progress past the suddenly insurmountable barriers of large green pipes. Luigi helps his brother out by making the stage handicap-accessible, with ramps and elevators that help Mario run down the flag at the end despite obstacles.

It’s a good message — the more wheelchair accessibility, the better. It’s also kind of weird. There’s the part where the fire flower temporarily upgrades Mario from a wheelchair to crutches, and then the bit at the end when Mario falls down a few stories into World 1-2. I guess it all gets the point across, which is what matters in the end. If we’re being honest, though, World 1-2 was never really made accessible for anyone. Mario was falling down a good 20-30 feet even without that wheelchair.