Isaac Mizrahi Jumps On The Smartwatch Bandwagon

Last week, we took a look at a new smartwatch HP and Titan introduced in India. Called the JUXT, that watch combined an analog watch face with a small digital display set behind the hands for displaying messages, notifications, and fitness information. JUXT was meant as a luxury option for men, but today, HP is announcing the women’s version of that watch designed by Isaac Mizrahi.carousel-4

Simply called the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch, HP’s new wearable is similar to the JUXT internally. On the exterior, the watch face swaps out Arabic numerals for Roman numerals, while putting a more feminine twist on the menswear design. That’s seen in the pastel colors available on the leather watchband, the gold watch face, and the Swarovski crystals lining the outside of the face. Mizrahi also gets his brand on the watch on the top half of the face. The most welcome part of the new design is that it blends the small OLED display on the bottom half of the face into the background, so you don’t get that jarring look that the JUXT suffers from.

That display can show notifications and messages from a smartphone connected via Bluetooth, and can also display fitness stats that the watch records. The smartwatch features are controlled by three physical buttons on the side of the face, which gives the watch a more classic appearance — fitting, because like the JUXT, this is a traditional watch first and foremost, with smartwatch features added on. And, like the JUXT, the Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch will work with both Android and iOS devices and is water-resistant. The analog and digital parts of the watch are powered separately — the analog dial uses a traditional replaceable watch battery, while the digital display uses a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts up to five days on one charge.carousel-5

The smartwatch has a 42 mm watch face, which is on the large side. The stylishness of the watch might mitigate that for some, but we could see the size being a problem for smaller wrists. Still, there are good color combinations here that make the Mizrahi smartwatch compelling enough. The face is available in gold or stainless steel, and there are five interchangeable leather bands to choose from — black, white, pink, gray, and blue, all of which can be ordered separately with gold or stainless steel buckles to match the face.

The Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch can be ordered now for $250. Extra watch bands can be purchased for $40 each, and there’s also a charging cradle available for $20.