Samsung Shows Off New Smart Remote and Interface for Their Smart TVs

Looks like Samsung really wants their smart TVs to be do-it-all home hubs in 2016. On top of extensive smart home control by way of SmartThings, the company’s line of smart TVs will also be getting a user interface update and a new remote, both of which should make it easier to control third party entertainment devices connected to the television.

Samsung has had some pretty inventive remotes for their high-end televisions, including some with touch, gesture, and voice controls. But, they’ve been primarily designed to control the content accessible directly through the TV — online streaming apps and cable, specifically. With their new Smart Control remote, it will be easier to control peripherals like video game consoles and digital HD antennas. Instead of needing to switch inputs, the content you’re getting from those other sources will now be accessible from the remote and the new interface that Samsung has built around it.

With the new remote and interface, Samsung Smart TVs will be able to automatically detect third-party entertainment devices connected to it. It’ll be able to pull out information from all those sources, allowing you to search and browse through everything at once. It’s a slight tweak, but a welcome one that should save TV watchers precious seconds that they could be spent binge watching something. Over the course of a year, those seconds could add up to a whole episode — you can’t ignore potential gains like that.

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