New Brooks Brixton Tote and Shoulder Bag is a Masterfully Crafted Beast

The Verdict

Brooks’ Brixton Tote and Shoulder bag has an old-world feel to it that is rightfully making a comeback with bag crafting — something Italian craftsmen never forgot. Every piece of this bag is very well made with high-quality materials. If you are on your feet or bike a lot, this bag is versatile, comfortable, and can take a serious beating. It would be great for college kids on campus all day, or anyone else whose profession or hobbies require a lot of doodads to lug around.

If you are of small stature, you may want to go with one of Brooks’ smaller bags, as this bag is BIG. In tote mode, it is about 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It’s not big on pockets, with just one newspaper pocket on the back, but totes typically are not. After all, with a main bucket that big, you will fit everything you need and then some. The new Brooks Tote and Shoulder Bag sells for €280 (with today’s exchange rate, about $305) from Brooks. We tested the asphalt/black color, but the bag is also available in grey/orange, blue/brown, and pomegranate/burgundy.

The Good: It is huge, excellent quality materials, many different ways to wear it

The Bad: It is huge, the canvas color flecks off (which might not be to everyone’s taste)

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