These Stud Earrings Are Made From Fired Bullets

Bullets can be beautiful, after all! We have to say, we like them better this way — Little Black Gun is taking casings from fired bullets and turning them into nickel-plated earrings decked out with colorful Swarovski crystals.

All of Little Black Gun’s stud earrings are made from .40 Smith and Wesson bullet casings, which have been plated with nickel and given a silver finish. In the center of the casing, you have your choice of colors for the inlaid Swarovski crystal, most of which are deep colors that provide some great contrast with the lighter shade of the casing. Seriously, it’s kind of amazing that they managed to make bullets look this good, but credit to them for pulling it off.

The earrings come in both thick and thin styles, with the latter having had more of the casing lopped off. The regular-sized ones seem like they could be a little heavy, but with the thin ones it’s less obvious that you’re wearing bullets on your ears, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. Either way, Little Black Gun is selling their earrings for $20 per pair. Bullet couture is looking like a pretty good bargain right now.

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