15 Fashions From Star Wars: The Force Awakens That Everyone Can Wear

Although you may want to put on Rey’s fantastic outfit and never take it off, life requires otherwise. Fortunately, other fashions from the movie can totally pass in the working world. Here are 15 Star Wars fashions you can actually buy and wear in everyday life. Some are more eccentric than others, but mostly they are subtle nods to the greatest space opera ever told. Let’s start with the most obvious and awesome…

Finn’s (and Poe’s) Leather Jacket

Photos/Images via Disney and Film Jackets

Arguably the best jacket in the whole saga, Finn scored this jacket off the wreckage of Poe’s X-Wing. Fortunately, leather jackets are so in right now. While this jacket from Film Jackets is made for men, it would be great to see one made for women too. The price is awesome at $179 for real leather.

Poe’s X-Wing Pilot Vest

Image via Film Jackets

Star Wars has a serious thing for vests. This vest is the version Poe wore under the X-wing pilot jumpsuit. It’s real leather and totally awesome, and you can buy it from Film Jackets for $159.

Rey’s Jakku Headgear

Image credit: Star Wars: the Force Awakens
Photos/Images via Disney and HatHut/Etsy

You may not be rappelling down a crashed spaceship anytime soon, but at least you can wear this warm knitted hat in winter. Etsy seller HatHut makes this artfully constructed interpretation of Rey’s get-up for $50.22.

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