AirBeamTV Lets You Mirror a Mac Screen to a Samsung Smart TV

Like Liam Neeson, AirBeamTV has a very particular set of skills. Unlike Liam Neeson, AirBeamTV’s skills are a bit more nonviolent in nature. Their new app is out to solve a problem that we imagine a very small number of people have — wanting to put their MacBook’s display up on a Samsung Smart TV without using an HDMI cable or Apple TV.

The app is called Mirror for Samsung TV, and it’s available for Mac OS X. For it to work, you’ll need at least Mac OS X 10.10, a Samsung Smart TV sold after 2012 (admittedly, that’s most of them), and the hope that Apple won’t change any code that bricks the app in their next update. The good news is the app is simple to use — it’ll scan for and connect to your Samsung Smart TV automatically and start mirroring your MacBook’s screen wirelessly immediately. By their own admission, there is a delay of a few seconds, so this won’t be suitable for gaming — not that Macs were known for that, anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.12.55

It’s a handy little app, but we can’t help but think the Venn diagram overlap on this one is really small. We’re looking at Mac owners who have chosen to buy a Samsung Smart TV instead of toeing the party line and picking up an Apple TV. We’d say we also need to include people who are super anti-HDMI cable, but then again, Apple is so anti-any cable that not having an HDMI port on your MacBook is a legitimate concern. Also, to be clear, this only works for Samsung Smart TVs, not for any other brand of smart TV or streaming box.

But, if you’re in that small subset of tech users, Mirror for Samsung TV is worth a look. It is a little pricey for an app at $10. If you’re on the fence about spending that kind of money, AirBeamTV has made a two-minute free trial of their app available, too.

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  1. There are tons of people that own macs that choose not to buy an Apple TV, or have an old Apple TV. Also, If I wanted to run a cable to the TV I’d do that, I don’t for the same reason people buy wireless game controllers.