The Star Trek Team is Working on an LCARS Digital Assistant Voice Option

Sick of hearing Siri’s voice? Well, now you’ve gone and hurt her feelings. Hope you’re happy. But, if you really don’t care about the feelings your digital assistant may or may not have, you might soon be able to replace their voice altogether with the godmother of digital assistants. According to a tweet from the Roddenberry Foundation, top people are working on making an LCARS voice option.

No other details exist besides the tweet, so it’s still a pipe dream for now. Majel Barrett provided the voice for LCARS in Star Trek: The Original Series, and the tweet reveals that her voice was recorded phonetically. That means with enough work, they’ll be able to patch together a big enough vocabulary to make an LCARS voice option for digital assistants. Given the machine learning tech involved in digital assistants, we’re guessing LCARS would only be available as a simple voice swap for Cortana, Siri, and Google Now, but we’ll take it.

The tweet also suggests that in the near term, they’re working on bringing Barrett’s voice into Star Trek: Discovery, the new series set to premiere in January of next year. The work is a little discomfiting, as Barrett passed away in 2008, but chances are she would have been on board with her voice creation making its way into the real world. She was able to poke fun at LCARS during a guest stint on Family Guy, and worked closely with husband Gene Roddenberry to produce much of Star Trek‘s extensive history. Eight years on, we’re confident that the Roddenberry Foundation will do right by her memory.

Besides, who could be against a future of “Energy reserves critical state” as a low battery warning?

Via Cnet