Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless Headphones Review

Sol Republic just released one of the best pair of wireless sports headphones that doubles as an amazing pair of everyday headphones. The Relays Sport Wireless headphones are in-ear bluetooth headphones that actually stay in during intense exercise. They feature a water resistant design, an 8 hour battery, inline controls and microphone, two audio modes, a quick charge feature, and incredible sound quality. Also, fun colors!

The Relay Sport Wireless have a pretty unique look, and that’s not just because they come in mint and lemon lime. The earbuds feature Sol Republic’s FreeFlex design that includes a rubberized perimeter around the buds to keep them from falling out of your ear. They don’t need or include ear hooks and other ear stabilizers. With 4 different sized ear tips to choose from, and the built-in FreeFlex, you’re basically guaranteed to find the perfect fit with terrific noise isolation. The other noticeable design difference are the two inline pods on the cable. This is where all the technology is housed, including the Bluetooth, the battery, and even the buttons, microphone, and charger. The pods look a little odd at first, but you won’t even realize they exist when you wear the headphones.

On the right inline pod there’s a power/sync button, a microphone, two volume buttons, a universal button, and a micro-USB port tucked under a rubber flap. The universal button controls music, phone calls, and Siri or voice activation. There’s a built in status light to indicate on/off status and charging status. While we love having the controls, our only true gripe about these headphones is that the buttons are stiff. We’ve been trying to master the art of using the controls without pulling an earbud out, but it’s almost not possible.

A great pair of sports headphones requires at least three things: they’re durable and won’t break from some sweat, the battery won’t let you down, and they stay in. They’re built pretty tough as there’s not really much to them. They are, in fact, water resistant and sweat resistant. And lastly, the fit is terrific. The FreeFlex bud design and ear tip options really do a fantastic job of keeping the earbuds in. There’s also a cord fastener that helps keep the buds in place if you tighten it around your neck.

The battery is 8 hours, but it feels longer than other Bluetooth headphones that claim a similar battery life. I wear to the gym and the battery lasts at a couple weeks without charge. Micro USB charging is really easy, and with quick charge you can get an hour of battery life with just a ten minute charge.

For gym headphones, the Relay Sports sound awesome. There are two audio modes; one is supposed to be indoors and the other is for outdoors. The indoor mode has a balanced audio signature while outdoor mode has a lot more oomph in the mids and lows. We really like both options and for us it’s more about personal preference because both modes sound equally as great and work inside and out. In the gym or outside, it’s nice to get the extra bass. With the right ear tips, the Relay Sports already have a lot of bass and the default indoor sound is all that most people will want. The above average noise isolation really helps too.

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