Fisher-Price “Think & Learn” Smart Cycle Makes Kids Pedal For Tablet Time

Fisher-Price’s Think and Learn Smart Cycle is a brilliant way to combat the sedentary behavior of little kids on tablets. It capitalizes on the almost boundless energy of kids and their irresistible desire to be on a tablet all of the time by combing the two activities. The Smart Cycle creates this physical play experience with 4 companion apps where the app content is tied to pedal speed and motion as well as handlebar steering.

You need to use your own tablet with this purchase, as only the cycle is purchased. It comes with an adjustable tablet holder so various sizes of tablets can fit. Little ones will love the multi-position handlebars that have input controls, a joystick, and LEDs. The seat is adjustable so it can last kids’ sizes for awhile. The bike is Bluetooth connected and ties into apps that feature clever game saving tech so easily distracted kids can pick up where they left off. Parents can also get a snapshot of their child’s learning progress within those apps.

The apps for the Smart Cycle are just $4.99 and they include a Sponge-Bob themed one, “Shimmer and Shine” math, “Blaze & the Monster Machines” STEM exploration, and the free “Mission to Tech City” for literacy. All of these are interactive based on the child pedaling forward or backward, at certain speeds, and steering the handlebar. You can find this updated version of the Smart Cycle in Summer of this year at Fisher-Price for about $150.