AT&T Tries to Lure Folks in With New Unlimited Plans – Again

AT&T is Using DirecTV to Make Their Unlimited Plans Even More Attractive

Just a couple weeks ago, AT&T joined the unlimited data plan fray by making their unlimited data plan available to all new customers — previously, you were required to have DirecTV service, too. But, AT&T is convinced that their acquisition of DirecTV gives them a competitive edge. They’re now using their new video services to entice customers interested in unlimited plans by creating new, cheaper bundle packages.

The marquee new offering is the AT&T Unlimited Plus Plan. Here’s how it breaks down — the wireless part of the plan, which includes unlimited 4G LTE data, talk, text, HD video streaming, and 10 GB of high-speed tethering, will cost $90 for a single line. The prices of DirecTV, DirecTV Now, or U-Verse packages will remain the same, but if you sign up for one of them, you’ll start receiving a monthly $25 bill credit sometime within the first three billing cycles. If you sign up for the cheapest DirecTV Now tier ($35), that means you’ll get unlimited data plus streaming TV for $100 per month — and keep in mind that AT&T doesn’t count streaming of their video services against your data usage, meaning it won’t bring you closer to the 22 GB speed throttling threshold. AT&T is also saying that corporate customers will get an additional $10 discount on any of their unlimited plans.

When AT&T announced their standalone unlimited plan, we thought it was priced high compared to the plans from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. AT&T is now revealing their lower-cost plan, and while it beats everyone but Sprint on price, there are more restrictions. The major one is a 3 Mbps maximum on download speeds — that’s low-end 4G/high-end 3G, so it’s not exactly like you’re getting unlimited high-speed data. The plan also restricts video streaming to 480p at 1.5 Mbps down and appears to not include tethering. A single line will cost $60, with a family of four seeing a $155 bill.

Both deals are available now, and keep in mind that all listed prices assume discounts from autopay and paperless billing. We encourage you to consider this plan for the next two weeks, by which time we expect that all four carriers will have changed their unlimited plans dramatically. Again.