Meet the Three New Monopoly Tokens, T-Rex Included

Out with the old, in with the new.

Earlier this year, we heard about Monopoly getting the ultimate shakeup — a vote for an all-new set of tokens, with none of the existing eight guaranteed to survive. As we figured, the thimble was the first to go. But, the madness didn’t stop there. After 4.3 million votes, the official results are out today, and three of the classics have been axed!

The new tokens

Joining the thimble in Monopoly token jail are the wheelbarrow and the boot. I’m not really that sad to see the boot go, but I’m legit broken up about the wheelbarrow. Monopoly was really the only thing the wheelbarrow had going for it in 2017, but I guess it just couldn’t muster up the votes. And so, everyone’s second-favorite single-wheeled transportation device is left to rust.

The demise of those three doesn’t come as a shock — there was no chance the Scottie dog, the top hat, the race car, the battleship, or the cat were going anywhere. What is kind of surprising is that the three new tokens are kind of tame. A t-rex, a penguin, and a rubber ducky will be joining the game to replace the thimble, wheelbarrow, and boot. Those three will be in once Monopoly starts shipping out the latest version of the game.

These three tokens got the boot

They’re boring choices compared to some of the other wild stuff that was on the ballot. I guess the biggest surprise is that all three are in the animal category. There was a good variety of categories, so I figured the Monopoly people would massage the numbers to ensure a good mix. Guess not! I think it’s definitely an upset that no emoji got in. Then there was the monster truck, a helicopter, and I still think that key token design was super rad. Alas, the people have spoken. At least the hashtag didn’t get in.

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