Mophie’s New Leather Case Brings Wireless Charging to the iPhone 7

Wireless charging in phones is super convenient, but it has never been convenient for iPhone users – at least until now. Mophie has come out with a new case system which adds wireless charging to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, albeit in a fashionable and non bulky way.

Mophie already has battery cases for the iPhone which are compatible with wireless charging, but the new Charge Force Case scraps the built in battery to help keep the case slim. But if you’re on the go and you need a battery pack boost, you can quickly attach the system’s battery pack to the case via a neat magnet. The 3,000 mAh battery unit securely attaches to the back of the Charge Force Case and automatically begins to wireless charge your iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8. The Charge Force Case is of course compatible with wireless charging on all of Mophie’s previous Charge Force Wireless accessories, and it’s compatible with Qi and other wireless charging systems.

The Charge Force Cases themselves are made of a beautiful leather that comes in several different colors including black, tan, brown, blue and (PRODUCT)RED, while the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus versions are available in black. Pricing for the Charge Force Case begins at $59.99 for the iPhone 7, and $79.99 for the iPhone 7 Plus.