These Smart Gadgets Probably Didn’t Need to Be Smart

Smart home gadgets have come in a big way this decade, and some of them are pretty useful! Turning on a thermostat before you get home or being able to lock your door remotely if you forgot are super convenient — they’re, well, smart features on smart gadgets.

But, in the race to slap Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on almost everything found in the home, there have been some more, let’s say, questionable examples. Some of these gadgets never got off the ground, some of them really did end up on store shelves, and all of them are getting some serious sideways glances from us.


$120 million in venture capital was sunk into a machine whose only purpose was to squeeze bags of juice that could only be purchased from the machine’s creator. Yes, it’s Juicero, and it’s one of the most recent example of smart gadgets gone awry. The idea of anyone needing a $700 (not a typo) machine just to squeeze juice from a bag was widely derided, and that was before Bloomberg dropped their video revealing that it was perfectly easy to just squeeze the bags by hand. After a round of price cuts, Juicero got squeezed out in September and started handing out refunds for machines that have now been rendered useless.

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