This Cute, Cuddly Talking Toy Could Be Your Child’s New Best Friend

It’s a rite of passage for parents in the 21st century — desperately trying to make sure the kids don’t ask something inappropriate to all too informative voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. The folks behind Woobo think they’ve found a way to sate that childhood curiosity in a safer and more cuddly way, and considering how adorable this little guy is, it’s going to be hard to resist!

Woobo is a robotic toy, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression — it’s super soft and cuddly. But, you can tell Woobo is all about tech, too — its eyes appear on a touch display that can become a menu for kids to explore more of Woobo’s features. Kids will use voice to interact with Woobo more than touch, though, with Woobo’s creators saying that not only does Woobo have voice recognition tech, it’s particularly good at understanding that most difficult of English dialects — under-sevenese.

Frazzled parents (see: Woobo’s expression above) who need something that can keep kids entertained at home or in the car might find a friend in Woobo, too. Woobo has enough features to make it fun for a long time — it’s meant to be a long-term friend to kids, not toy box fodder after three months!

Here’s what kids can get up to with Woobo!

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