This Marine Biologist Imagined a Bunch of Pokémon as Real-Life Creatures, and It’s Pretty Awesome

René Campbell is an Australian digital artist and a marine biologist working on earning her Ph.D., and she’s found the most amazing way to combine her talents — and not just for water types. She’s put her knowledge of biology to good use by creating a series of Pokémon drawn as if they were actual creatures, instead of their usual cute cartoony selves.

Take a look, and if you like what you see, she has a lot more projects going on that you can see on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and DeviantArt page!


Pikachu becomes way more mousy with little critter claws. We love those huge ears, though!


Skarmory looks way more like a real bird here. Well, what a real bird made of steel would look like, anyway.

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