PUR Fountain Of Youth Serum Is Your Skin’s New Best Friend

Now that I’m in my mid twenties, I’ve started really focusing on using quality anti-aging creams and serums on my face. The best way to avoid environmental aging is to prevent aging through the use of a great sun screen and not to ever smoke, but that being said I think anti-aging products are nothing but help!

The PUR fountain of youth serum uses a patented technology, anti-oxidants, and peptides to fight signs of aging. I used this serum on my face every night for two weeks. I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines yet on my face, so I can’t speak to this product alleviating those issues, however I do have nothing but positive things to say about this serum!

The first thing I really like about this serum is that it feels incredibly light on my face. Although I love nothing more than caking makeup on my face, I do not love using any creams, serums, or moisturizers that are heavy. When I don’t have makeup on, I want my skin to feel like it can breathe!

The second thing I really liked is that this serum really took care of my dry skin, which is something I really struggle with. A little goes a long way too, so don’t be scared of the $90 price tag!


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Ok, so what’s the verdict?

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