5 Rose Gold Headphones Under $40

Tech doesn’t need to be ugly or unaffordable!

Rose Gold is luminous, trendy, and helps make tech gadgets anything but ugly! It’s been popular since the 1920s, when Cartier crafted rings out of yellow gold and copper to create this metallic hue. Fast forward to recent times, and Pantone voted it color of the year (though they called it Rose Quartz) in 2016 and our love of the color has not died down since. We rounded up the most fashionable rose gold headphones for you here, and the best part is they’re all under $40!

Potronic Rose Gold Earbuds

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We’re kicking things off with one of the most affordable options on our list; the rose gold earbuds from Potronic. They feature an ergonomic ear bud design to help ensure they don’t fall out on you, a line button to help you accept incoming calls or shuffle through your music, and they’re super light weight!

Amazon – $8.99

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