SockSync Review: The Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

SockSync is seriously the gadget you didn’t know you needed until now. I didn’t even realize I needed one until I got the opportunity to review this neat product, and now that I have one I couldn’t go back to how I handled socks before SockSync!

Mismatched socks are one of my biggest pet peeves, aside from having to fold them and match them together all on my own. It’s definitely my least favorite thing to be doing with my time, and I’m sure you feel the same way, especially if you’re a Mom and have way more pairs of socks in your household than I do.

In my household, it’s just me plus my fiancé, but I feel like the amount of socks we own between the two of us is really out of control. It really takes me forever to match those babies up, but SockSync makes this tedious task go along quite quickly.

SockSync almost makes sock matching and sorting…fun! Can you believe that?

So how does this work? It comes with this top that has little cups on it. It also spins! So you take your socks, and place one of the pairs around every one of the cups. As you hunt up the match to each sock pair, you put it over the cup.

You then push the two socks through the cup, and that’s it! They’re folded for you! It’s really that simple and quick.

You can get a SockSync for yourself here on their website!

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