Inside Silicon Valley’s Fav New Diet Trend & The Surprising Benefits That Can Come With It

When you think of Silicon Valley, I’m sure you think of tech, money, geniuses…but diets?! Diets are definitely not on the list of things that come to mind for this California region.

It’s about to be on your radar though as we take a look inside Silicon Valley’s fav new diet trend and the surprising benefits that can come with it!

This popular new diet trend that’s all the rage with tech CEOs and startup employees is called intermittent fasting and you basically don’t eat for a few hours to maybe a few days. It is flexible though, so there is really no one way to do this diet right so to speak.

You don’t count calories, cut carbs, or follow a strict eating plan, but you do only eat within a specified time.

So, some people following the diet either eat in the morning through the afternoon or the afternoon through the evening and then you’re done. You fast. Until you eat again!

Other people eat normally for a week and fast one or two days, and others fast 24 hours straight every week while eating normally. There are so many variations.

It’s kind of counterintuitive to consider fasting healthy for you, but there is growing evidence piling up to suggest it actually is.

From potentially prolonging your life span, to decreasing your risk of cancer, to reducing blood pressure and increasing insulin resistance, things are getting interesting.

Intermittent fasting has also been linking to weight loss and an increase in energy. As the research continues on what this type of diet can do for you, who knows what else might come to light, but so far it’s looking promising.

It might seem kind of crazy, but if you work as much as I do and accidentally find yourself skipping meals, I bet we could give this a try!