Best Ways To Get Insta Worthy Pics Of Your Furry Friends!

Written by Bre Avery and Caroline Carpenter

Here at Chip Chick, we LOVE our pets. Seriously, we treat them like they’re our part of our family. That’s because, they really are! There is nothing like coming home after a long day and knowing that your pet will be happy to see you no matter what.

Sometimes though, they don’t always do what we want them too. Especially when it comes to taking pictures of them! Luckily, we’ve discovered some tricks to help capture insta-worthy pics of our furry friends.

On our end, one of the best things to do is to switch the setting on your iPhone to “burst.” It’s pretty likely that your pet is going to move at the exact wrong time you take the picture. By putting your phone in burst mode, it takes multiple photos at once so you can capture the cuteness easily!

This tip seems pretty obvious but, we think it’s important to mention anyway. The best way to guarantee a happy look on your pet’s face is to use treats, of course!

Another way to make sure they look happy and excited is to pull out their favorite toy. Its especially helpful if their toy is squeaky.

Another tip to make them look extra adorable is to use props! Some of our pets are more relaxed than others about getting dressed up though. If you’re lucky enough, to have a pet who likes to get dressed up then totally take advantage.

Whether it’s wrapping them up in a scarf or getting them to pose with sunglasses – props will totally increase their cuteness level!

Our final tip may be embarrassing for you. However, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the best shot. We suggest making funny sounds to get their attention. It also basically guarantees, they’ll give you that adorable head tilt!