I Met My Husband On Tinder & Here Are All My Tips You Need For Writing A Knockout Bio For Your Online Dating Profile

I remember the first time I tried online dating back in 2009 (because I definitely wasn’t meeting guys at design school in Manhattan, sorry FIT), my Mom paused after I told her and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to talk to strangers on the internet?”

Well, now that it’s 2018 it’s hardly weird anymore, and online dating is the way to go.

Aside from singlehandedly being the best way to not waste your time, online dating also opens you up to a lot of men you definitely wouldn’t have met otherwise.

I met my husband on Tinder, and he’s someone I never in a million years would have bumped into in real life, even though Manhattan isn’t really that big.

But we both swiped right, so I’m sitting here writing this for you with diamond rings on my finger, and I have Tinder and tech to thank for that one.

If you’ve struggled with the bio on your online dating profile, here are all my tips you need for mastering the art of writing yourself a knockout one, that definitely will pique the interest of quality guys (ok, ok, full disclosure there is nothing I can do to filter out the creeps from messaging you too).

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