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Be Well Company Review: Organic Beauty Buys For Healthy Living

I try really hard to only cook with organic ingredients, simply because we all know at this point it’s healthier for you due to the lack of chemicals we’re starting to see have a seriously negative impact on our health.

Organic and non toxic beauty products have been a trend for quite a bit of time now, and if you make an effort to try to eat healthy, it makes sense to try to make an effort to be more healthy with your beauty routine and skin care. Considering your skin absorbs more than 60% of what you put on it, it can’t hurt to go organic with any product you apply to yourself.

Be Well was built by the entrepreneurial Natalie Shultz White on the principle that skincare should mimic the clean and organic food you choose to put into your body. That’s something I can get behind, and I’m excited to share with you what I thought of Natalie’s products. These are the first organic beauty products I’ve had the chance to review!

If you have sensitive skin, organic beauty buys are less harsh and irritating. Organic beauty also correlates to a more glowing complexion and an increase in skin clarity. Benefits like this make it easy to understand why organic beauty products have been so popular lately.

Pictured is the Get Me Started Face Kit, and everything in it is a way to easily jump start your new natural beauty routine. There are 3 products that you use in sequence: a cleansing oil, probiotic toner, and nourishing face cream.

You can pick from rose, jasmine, or lavender, and my kit included the Lavender & Myrrh Organic Facial Cleansing Oil, Jasmine Probiotic Facial Toner, and Jasmine & Myrrh Nourishing Facial Cream.

Although these products are all fragrance free, they still have an amazing smell to them due to the organic ingredients. They smell like something you would be treated to at the spa, and I have to say the way the Jasmine & Myrrh Nourishing Facial Cream smells is my favorite.

After using this combination of products for several weeks exclusively, I did notice a difference. If I don’t religiously clean my face twice a day, I tend to break out. I normally have dry skin that gets really oily around my T Zone, and it’s ridiculously sensitive. On top of that your girl over here has rosacea. So, I always feel brave testing out new beauty products since things can and will really irritate my face.

Be Well’s products don’t irritate my sensitive skin at all, and they clean my face well enough with once daily use to prevent me from breaking out. Using the cleansing oil, probiotic toner, and nourishing face cream together made my face feel completely refreshed.

Clean, glowing, softer: I would describe that as the effects using these beauty products has had on my face and they’re something I’ll absolutely continue to use in my routine.

Not only is Be Well’s line organic, it’s cruelty free, toxin free, and alcohol free as well.

You can pick up the Get Me Started Face Kit for yourself here!

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