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Speaking just 24 hours after Karissa’s autopsy had been performed, Brad Berry, the Yamhill County District Attorney, spoke to reporters in a press briefing.

He revealed that it was well known to authorities that Michael fished in the area where his mistress and child were found. When asked why authorities had zeroed in on that exact and remote area, Brad said, “It was just really good detective work.”

“Putting pieces together, going through to narrow the area they needed to look.”

Facebook; Karissa and Billy hug each other in the above photo while smiling big together

Brad also revealed, “There are other areas within the Weyerhaeuser property that we believe he’s had permits before, to cut firewood, up in that area, we’re not exactly sure where that was.”

“But we were aware that he was familiar with the area.”

Facebook; Karissa and Billy are all smiles in the photo above, and you can tell these two always had fun

He also commented on how exactly the authorities knew about how to look in such a remote area for Karissa and Billy.

“The information leading them back to that spot has been gathered over time,” Brad divulged.

“There’s really a lot more than that, but I can’t get into that part of the details of the investigation. That’s really, pretty sensitive stuff.”

Karissa initially met Michael, Billy’s biological dad, while she worked as a delivery driver for the sandwich company Jimmy Johns. Michael was working at a company called Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, and he would specifically call and request that Karissa be the one to deliver his food to him.

Bethany Brown, one of Michael’s coworkers and a friend of Karissa’s, commented to the Salem Reporter on how the interactions between Karissa and Michael began.

Facebook; Karissa and Billy are pictured in the photo above together with their big, signature smiles

“He would call almost every day to get food delivered from her. She would come back and say how he would make inappropriate comments,” Bethany said.

Karissa then got a job as a security job at Michael’s company, and that is when the two began seeing one another. Despite the weird comments Michael had made, the two developed an intimate relationship. “There was never a relationship there,” Karissa’s friend Megan said to KATU.

“She never knew he was married until after a couple weeks of her being pregnant. Then he offered to pay for an abortion.” Michael was concerned that his affair and Billy’s birth would destroy his marriage.

Facebook; Karissa and Billy smile together in the above photo while all dressed up

It was exactly three days after finding out that she was pregnant with Billy that Karissa then learned the truth about her baby daddy.

She discovered that Michael was not only married and had been the whole time they were seeing one another, he also had children of his own from this marriage.

Karissa decided she was going to have Billy, despite Michael insisting that she terminate her pregnancy and saying he would have nothing to do with their child.

When Billy was around 2-years-old, Karissa went to court to prove Billy’s paternity. Her claim was verified by a DNA test that Michael had to submit to, and Karissa then proceeded to file a petition to grant her $900 in child support every month for Billy. A month before the two disappeared, a judge granted Karissa’s child support request and ordered Michael to pay up.

It was not long after Karissa filed for child support that Michael decided he did want to be involved in Billy’s life. He wanted full custody of him. Megan added, “That was her fear, him taking her child away. My first thought when she went missing was that he’d done something.”

Facebook; Karissa and Billy stand together in a field while holding hands in the photo above

It wasn’t just Megan that was concerned Michael would do something bad to Karissa. Several of Karissa’s friends stepped forward and told authorities that Michael had been sending Karissa disturbing messages in the months leading up to her murder.

Facebook; Karissa and Billy smile in the above photo together

“There were all these warning signs,” Megan insisted. “He would send her creepy things in the mail.”

It’s unclear when Michael’s wife became aware of the affair he had with Karissa, and about Billy. They are currently still married.

A babysitter of Billy’s has come forward, although she requested her name not be made public, to share that Michael AND his wife both were threatening Karissa shortly before her death. They were making threats to her because they both wanted full custody of Billy.

On May 25th, Michael was arrested while he was at a local donut shop in Portland. Although he told authorities he had no contact whatsoever with Karissa or Billy a month before they disappeared, authorities have video footage and cellphone data backing up that Michael is lying, and ultimately responsible for Karissa and Billy’s murders. 

Facebook; Karissa snaps a selfie of her and Billy together in the photo above

Michael has been charged with two counts of kidnapping and two counts of murder. The investigation into Karissa and Billy’s murders is still ongoing. If you have any information related to this case, please contact the Salem Police Department’s Tip Hotline at (503) 588-8477.

Facebook; Karissa and Billy are pictured together in the above photo walking down a road while holding hands

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