These 21 Pieces of Disney Workout Clothes Will Make the Gym Magical

Working out can be a real bore. What better way to inspire yourself to head to the gym than with some magical Disney workout clothes? Considering pretty much every Disney song ever is a motivational anthem, you’ll be unstoppable. I’m never going to miss a gym session again!


Hakuna masquata! Didn’t you know they were saying it wrong in The Lion King? It means no worries — as long as you do enough squats!

Activate Apparel – $20

Villains are pretty badass (no matter how cute they might look), and you will be too while working out in these amazing leggings! Go ahead and channel your inner villain on the StairMaster!

BelieveInMagicDesign/Etsy – $37


“I don’t sweat this is pixie dust.” What a clever tank top — very fitting for a princess to work out in!

Activate Apparel – $20

Cinderella’s castle and legs (she worked those glass slippers) are both goals, so squat away in these fabulous leggings!

BelieveInMagicDesign/Etsy – $37


This Frozen headband is a great way to keep your long Elsa locks out of your face (or the weight machines) during your workout!

CutiePieHeadbandsGA/Etsy – $7


I am a total fan of his and hers workout gear, so you can be the Beauty and your boyfriend can be the Beast in these adorable, matching shirts! Perfect for in and out of the gym!

CustomStylesLB/Etsy – $18.50

This headband featuring all your favorite Disney Princesses is perfect to keep you cool and inspired at the gym!

BridgetBands/Etsy – $7


Up, up, and away! You’re going to fly through those reps in these colorful Up leggings!

foreverwars/Etsy – $62.10

Would I rather have legs or a mermaid tail? It’s a tough call, and one you won’t have to make. Go for both in these eye catching, mermaid leggings! Ariel would be proud!

CastleCorsetry/Etsy – $65

Your buddy Baymax feels your pain, and he’ll remind you it’s OK to cry about it once in a while. There’s probably no better gym partner anywhere.

PhaseApparelCompany/Etsy – $20


I never thought to do anything athletic in a skirt, save play tennis, but after seeing this Queen of Hearts running skirt, I’m not going to want to work out in anything else. So fabulous!

RunningCouture/Etsy – $36


Maybe The Queen of Hearts isn’t your style? This Snow White running skirt is a princess perfect and sparkly addition to your workout wardrobe!

RunningCouture/Etsy – $35

Bring a new meaning to killing it with your Disney villain headband! Your workout will be afraid, very afraid.

RacedayHairbands/Etsy – $7.50


Is that Pocahontas or Bulkahontas?! Show off all those gains in this clever tank top! I love the stylish burnout fabric, and this color will go with everything.

SheSquatsClothing/Etsy – $14.40

Mulan didn’t listen to people saying no. You should do the same when anyone tells you the gym is no place for voguing! This is an iron-on design, though, so you’ll need to print it yourself and supply a tank top that will soon after be immeasurably improved.

fitbabeshirt/Etsy – $4


Spook up the gym with these Haunted Mansion leggings!

RainbowRules/Etsy – $31


A Mickey boxing robe?! Excuse me while I sign up for every boxing class I can find!

FengSway/Etsy – (sold out)

Maybe boxing in a Mickey robe is a little too intense! These Mickey and Minnie headbands might be more your speed then! Every mile really will be magic.

BridgetBands/Etsy – $7


Move over blood, sweat, and tears, this princess is powered by faith, trust, and pixie dust!

FitGirlClothing/Etsy – $25


Run like it’s almost midnight! Everybody out of my way, I’m not about to turn into a pumpkin!

VersionTwoApparel/Etsy – $20


…And she ran happily ever after! I don’t know it was possible to run AND be happy, but I’m definitely going to be smiling during my next mile in this cute sweatshirt!

WorkItWear/Etsy – $36

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