This Mom Was Murdered At Sea By Her New Husband While They Were On Their Honeymoon Because He Wanted To Get His Hands On Her Money

Isabella Hellmann was a 41-year-old mom who worked hard as a real estate agent and made quite a bit of money for herself. She had a 9-month-old daughter named Emelia Bennett that she had together with her new husband, 38-year-old Lewis Bennett.

Isabella and Lewis had been dating for 4 years but had only been married for 3 months, when Isabella was tragically murdered. 

Her murderer? Her own husband. This mom was murdered at sea by her new husband while they were on their honeymoon because he wanted to get his hands on her money. 

Facebook; 41-year-old mom Isabella Hellmann is pictured above holding her daughter

Here is everything you need to know about this shocking case, and the dark details that emerged after Isabella’s death.

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