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The 5 Best Personal Safety Devices That Every Woman Should Own In 2019

I really hate to have to say it, but you can never be too safe these days… and it is much better to be safe than sorry. Personal safety devices are a small amount to pay to ensure that you are more out of harm’s way than in it.

If you’re a fellow true crime enthusiast like me, you know very well that unfortunately, something could happen to anyone at any time. Especially if you’re alone.

While yes, it’s better to limit your exposure to certain situations and not do specific things while flying solo, the reality is that’s not always possible. You can’t sit back and not live your life.

The devices on this list could absolutely help save your life one day, so let’s take a look at the best personal safety devices that every woman should own in 2019.

This might look like a super fun, sparkly keychain, but it is so much more than that. This handy little device is called the Ahh!-larm, and it is a small but mighty 115-decibel siren.

All you do is press that button and it sounds the alarm. It easily clips on your bag, keys, or even your dog’s leash.

It also comes complete with a LED safety light as well. Definitely one device every woman needs!

You can buy it here.

This might be pink and pretty, but the Silent Beacon is a wearable safety device that can help you put in a call for help with the push of a button.

If you ever do need to make a call, you can talk directly into this, which is very neat and a handy feature to have. It’s made of a plastic that’s water-resistant and fire retardant, and it comes with a little clip that easily attaches to your clothing (but you can easily put it on your keyring).

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your life is in danger, you press the button and it can call a loved one or an emergency number (you can simply set it up to have whatever number you want).

Another neat feature is that you can share your GPS location with someone in real time. In addition, it’s also possible to send updates on your location without setting the panic button off, too.

You can buy it here.

This next personal safety device is one you probably haven’t given any thought to, and it belongs right in your car.

This gorgeous little glam hammer is called the Glammer, and it straps right onto your car’s visors. One end comes with a steel tip so you can easily smash out one of your car windows, god forbid you are ever in a situation where you need to do that to escape from your car.

The other end comes with a super sharp blade to slice right through your seatbelt if you are ever in need of cutting loose.

This is definitely one thing you hope you will never need to use, but it easily attaches to your car visor and should be something you have in your car at all times.

You can buy it here.

If you don’t have security cameras in your home, you need to buy them today. Being able to see what’s going on at home when you’re not is invaluable.

The D-Link Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera is a great option for personal safety, as it’s easy to set up, small enough to place pretty much anywhere, and comes with high-quality video, night vision, as well as motion, and sound detection.

You can buy it here.

There’s a reason the saying goes, “dogs are man’s best friend.” They’re woman’s best friend too! The loyalty and protection a dog provides are simply unmatched.

Even though I currently have two Chihuahuas, my girls are small buy mighty and don’t miss a chance to bark protectively when they think they have to help keep me safe.

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