This Teen Mom Just Stood Back & Watched As Her Baby Suffered In Front Of Her

When you become a parent, you’re expected to love your child no matter what.

Even if you’re a younger parent and maybe weren’t planning on having a child quite yet.

St. Charles County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

Still, you’re expected to take care of them and try to give them the best life possible.

This young Missouri couple though struggled with even the thought of that.

They never even tried to give their baby, even a chance, at a good life…


Robert Burnette was just 19 when his son was born.

To say having a baby was unplanned would be an understatement.

Some could even speculate that Robert did not want a child at all.

When you’re that young, it’s hard to care for yourself let alone another human being.

Robert was not in it alone though – his girlfriend would be there to offer help.

Megan Hendricks was the child’s mother, and she was 19 when their baby was born.

Much like Robert, she was not planning on having a baby.


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