Polar Bear Is On Verge Of Death After Pranksters Spray Painted Him With Black Graffiti

Polar Bears are absolutely beautiful, and they are at risk enough as it is because climate change is already impacting their natural habitats.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, Polar Bears are dependant upon ice and snow to be able to hunt what they eat, but as it disappears, so does their opportunity to catch their food.

This, in turn, affects their cubs, since unhealthy Polar Bears have higher rates of mortality and cubs can’t get enough to eat if their moms aren’t at a healthy weight.

One Polar Bear, in particular, is making rounds on the internet for what someone heartbreakingly did to him.

Sergey Kavry, a man who works for the World Wildlife Fund, recently took to Facebook to share a video of a Polar Bear in a pretty desolate area of Russia.

Someone had spray-painted this poor Polar Bear with T-34, the name of a Soviet tank used in World War II.

Why is this a huge problem?

Sergey Kavry via Facebook; pictured above is the poor spray painted Polar Bear

Sergey said on social media that the spray paint makes it impossible for the Polar Bear to stay camouflaged to hunt, “Why?! He won’t be able to hunt without being noticed!”

This Polar Bear could absolutely become a victim of starvation since the spray paint impacts his ability to now hunt.

Sergey went on to say: “After two to three weeks, the bear will be cleaned up, so the loss of interest in some conditional poachers is temporary. And it’s not so difficult to clear the skin of paint. From seal and walrus fat is much more difficult.”

So, there is some hope that this bear will be ok, despite the fact that someone cruelly spray-painted something on them.

It always upsets me how unkind some people can be to animals. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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