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This Guy’s Pregnant Wife Tested His Loyalty, Now He Wants To Kick Her Out Of The House And Have The Internet Weigh In

One user said to him, “Yikes. Might I suggest some couples therapy first? What she did was clearly an A move, though I don’t think you’d be in the right to have her move out while pregnant.”

Another user replied on the above comment, “Lol what? Being pregnant doesn’t guarantee you a relationship if you’re being a terrible person.”

Someone else said, “Pregnancy hormones can trigger mood disorders, anxiety disorder or even psychosis, or make an existing mental condition worse.”

“If OP’s wife has suddenly gone off the deep end after getting pregnant, she needs medical attention.”

People certainly got heated with the replies on this one and even argued amongst themselves.

There were even legal questions around can this man simply evict his wife without any kind of notice and would his wife be entitled to some kind of financial support if he did.

Someone else said, “Kicking her out might be too far without some attempt to bridge the gap first.”

“I’m not sure how hard you have tried to fix things but you need to talk to her and work this shit out if you can.:

“You have the option to kick her out or to leave yourself if it comes to that, but I really think that you should try to take control of the situation first.”

“You can even let her know what cards are on the table here go give some perspective as to how horrible she is treating you.”

“Just don’t let her get away with being “just good enough” for you to keep her. The trust has already been broken and she has already gone too far.”

“If she wants a second chance then she needs to earn it by being a loving wife that has your back just as much as you have had hers.”

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