This Mom Is Pregnant With Triplets, Wants To Reduce Her Pregnancy, And Needs The Internet’s Help To Handle Her Delicate Situation

One Reddit user recently hopped online to ask the internet to help her handle one delicate situation.

You see, this mom is pregnant with triplets, but she wants to reduce her pregnancy and just have one baby.

This mom started out her post by saying, “I am pregnant. With Triplets. Natural conception.”

“Stated trying a couple of months ago and was just….unlucky I guess?”

“We have a 5-year-old daughter who just started school and intentionally spaced out the pregnancies to avoid having 2 kids in full-time childcare at once, as I would be going back to work after my 6 months of maternity leave.”

“Childcare is basically a second mortgage in our country so we wanted to avoid having 2 sets of childcare fees.”

“I want to reduce the pregnancy to…a single baby.”

“My husband is opposed to it because he feels it is wrong to “pick and choose”, even though we wouldn’t be doing it by gender (too early to tell anyway and even if it wasn’t, the doctor would just do the reduction the way he feels is the best way to do it)…”

“…And he is excited about the idea of having a large family.”

“He always wanted 4 kids, I wanted to be “one and done”, we compromised on 2.”

“It took me a while to warm up to having another baby, but 3?”

“I don’t want 3 more babies!”

“He out-earns me significantly and his job has better benefits, so he will be the working parent.”

“With 3 babies, I’d have to quit working until they started school.”

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