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18-Year-Old Asks The Internet If She Was Wrong For Hacking Her Influencer Sister’s Youtube To Remove A Video She Made Mocking Her

I’ll admit; this story had me heated! An 18-year-old asks the internet if she’s wrong for hacking her influencer sister’s YouTube account to remove a video she posted.

Except, the video was of her sister mocking her over something, and it got a lot of views.

“I (F18) have an older sister (F21) that is a “Youtuber”. She currently has 10,000 followers,” she started out her post by saying.

“Our parents always had her as their favorite child, which is why they don’t care at all about her not having any stable plans about her future and is still living at home with them, with the only thing she does with her time being recording videos.”

“My relationship with them has always been distant but I’m used to it by now, so it’s rare for me to actually complain when I’m mistreated by them.”

“So, I’m into k-pop. My family is racist and also likes to humiliate me for anything I like, so I don’t ever mention this around them.”

“But, they do know I like k-pop and every time idols appear on tv or any person with Asians features crosses with us in public they will say the most disgusting of “jokes” in order to provoke me.”

“Two days ago, I went to watch a v-live of a member of a k-pop boy band, I went to my room and closed the door. I put my headphones on and started watching.”

“My family was downstairs distracted with something. During the v-live, there was a part I cried as the guy started talking about the meaning of one of his songs he composed.”

“Anyway, I finished watching and went to sleep two hours later.”

“Next day I wake up, go to the kitchen and I see my mom and sister talking. I start to look for something in the fridge, they start to laugh and stopped after I looked at them.”

“I ignored and went to eat in my room. I check my phone and it’s overflowing with messages from my friends.”

“All of them have the link to this youtube video with the thumbnail being me at my back watching the v-live from yesterday on my laptop.”

“It was on my sister channel with the title “Should I be concerned with an 18-year-old crushing over k-pop?”. The video was only two minutes and was the part where I was crying.”

“There were 3,000 views and 60 comments, all of them mocking me.”

“I go downstairs and start to scream at my sister. My mom comes up to me and starts to say it’s only a video.”

“My dad shows up, I show him the video and beg him to make her delete it, he just pretends he didn’t hear it and goes away.”

“After thinking a lot, I hacked into my sister’s account before dawn and deleted the video.”

“When everyone wakes up, my sister starts to throw a tantrum and says to our parents I asked a friend to hack into her account and delete her video.”

“I told them that it was me who did it and that she didn’t have the right to film without my consent.”

“As soon as she said it was her most viewed video, they started to argue with me and said how arrogant I was in “caring more about a video than my own sister”.”

“I’m now at my uncle’s house who knows how my family is and is supporting me. But, the rest of my family is spamming my phone with messages saying how “abusive” I was.”

“I feel like I’m going crazy and thinking if I did the right thing.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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