After Going On An Online Date, This Single Mom Of 3 Was Found Dismembered And ‘Professionally Packaged’ In Trash Cans

On April 8th, 2016, Ingrid and John had a date planned. It was a Friday evening that the two were headed out together, and Ingrid arranged for her girls to stay with their dad Phil that night.

Ingrid and John were supposed to go to a Mariners baseball game before heading back to Ingrid’s house and Ingrid told her friends about their plans.

The Mariners lost to the Oakland Athletics that night, and Ingrid lost her life.

GoFundMe; Ingrid and her daughters smile together in the photo above

When Phil arrived at Ingrid’s house the following morning to drop the girls back off with her, she was nowhere to be found. Her SUV was also missing.

But Ingrid’s purse, her ID, and her phone were left behind.

Phil was able to get in touch with Ingrid’s mom, Jorga Bass, who shared a phone account with Ingrid. Jorga looked into some of the recent calls Ingrid had made and realized there was one phone number that kept coming up.

So she texted the number. It was John’s. The certification for determination of probable cause contains the texts she exchanged with him.

Jorga first texted John to say that she had already called 911 after not being able to find Ingrid. John texted her back, saying, “911? What’s going on? We went to the Mariners game last night, but we didn’t stay the night together because she has her kids today not sure what she has told you about me and our relationship.”

Facebook; Ingrid is pictured above

Jorga replied to him with, “She’s missing. What time did you see her last? A police officer needs to speak to you as you may be the last person who saw her.”

John didn’t reply to Jorga, so she kept on texting him, trying to get answers or information that would help lead to her daughter.

“Can you please call me? I know your name is John Charlton so please call me.”

“Please John, did Ingrid say anything about someone coming to see her after you separated from her last night. We can’t find her or her car. As I said her phone and ID and purse are at her house but she and her car are gone without a trace. Any help would be appreciated. We are desperate. She would never just go off and leave her family.”

John still didn’t respond, despite Jorga begging him for help.

And then a man living not that far away from Ingrid’s home made a distressing discovery that Saturday afternoon.

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