I Just Got This Legit Looking Bank Fraud Text And Want To Make Sure You Don’t Fall Victim To It

With all of the good that technology brings, it also carries along some of the bad.

It’s certainly easier now more than ever for hackers and scammers to do you harm given the devices they either have access to or can gain access to.

Bank fraud scams are certainly on the rise, and according to the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, there were 1.7 million reports of fraud last year, which is an increase from the year prior.

They also note that telephone and mobile services are in the top three categories of fraud (behind imposter scams and identity theft) and there were 58,723 cases of bank fraud last year.

Another shocking statistic? $1.9 billion dollars were lost last year due to fraud.

I routinely and obsessively check my bank and credit card statements.

I also put a lock on my credit so nobody can open accounts in my name.

I have to admit, I never thought a ton about fraud and scams until I got a surprising text this morning.

Someone sent me a text saying that my Citibank card has been suspended. But here’s the thing: I’m not a Citibank client. I don’t have any accounts or cards through them.

Here’s the actual text for you below so you can see how legit it really looks.

They make it look like a text you might receive from a bank. They even include a number for you to call.

After doing a quick Google search of the number they provided, you can clearly tell it’s not actually linked to Citibank at all.

But if I wasn’t quite paying attention, or if this came from a financial institution I actually am I client of, sure, this is something I might very well fall for.

This is definitely sophisticated looking, but please don’t fall victim to something like this.

In the event you ever are also on the receiving end of a similar text and you are concerned there might be an issue with your bank, go get your bank card out of your wallet and call the number on the back.

Or Google the proper numbers you need to call!

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