Man Asks The Internet If He’s The Worst For Telling His Wife She Can’t Have Her Dream Job Because He Doesn’t Want To Be In An Insane Amount Of Debt

A man recently asked the internet if he’s the worst for telling his wife that she can’t have her dream job.

He has a pretty valid reason for it…he doesn’t want to be saddled with the insane amount of debt that would come along with it.

“My wife and I married young, at 23, and now at 27 she’s about to graduate from law school,” he started out his post by saying.

“The issue is she has a ton of student debt, around 195k from both undergrad and now law school.”

“But over the past year, she’s completely changed her mind about law and becoming a lawyer. She now wants to teach and do Teach For America after graduating.”

“She told me this past week. We’ve talked about this at length and she wants to do this because it’s her new dream job (previously it was law).”

“I’m upset because if she teaches her starting salary will barely clear 35k in the first few years and we live in a really, really expensive city.”

“She has no intention of going back into law later as well as she says law school was a mistake.”

“Last night we were talking about the future and she mentioned our plans to have kids in a few years and how she’d like to be a stay at home mom in a few years as well.”

“I looked at her and asked how she thinks we’re going to afford that when we’ve got nearly 200k in debt on my one income.”

“She got mad and said I’m trying to use her debt to postpone major life events (like having kids).”

“We ended up fighting and I told her she can’t just teach if she expects me to be saddled with her debt as a result.”

“I said she should at least work a high paying job for a few years to repay a good portion. She said I’m prioritizing money over her happiness and that she’s disappointed in my lack of support when they would be my kids and my life as well.”

He then asks if he’s the worst, “to tell her that if she chooses to go down this path, I may need to rethink our marriage?”

“I haven’t said anything like this yet but I am thinking it. Based on her timeline she’d only work for 3-4 years before becoming a homemaker.”

“I’d have 200k worth of debt to work through completely on my own and I don’t know if I can do it or if it’ll completely ruin the rest of my life.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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