Science Says That You Could Benefit From A Backup Husband Or Two, Ladies

You know what they say, “more money, more problems.” I wonder if the same goes for husbands?

In a recent study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. called “Unpacking mating success and testing Bateman’s principles in a human population”, the authors found that you could probably benefit from a backup husband or two, ladies.

First, let’s take a look at what Bateman’s principle even is: since men can reproduce much more quickly than women (I mean, women are pregnant for approximately 280 days, so you obviously have to wait that long to produce another child, whereas men do not have to wait to reproduce), women play a bigger role in the reproductive success of their offspring than men.

To put it in the geneticist Angus John Bateman’s own words, “A female can have only a limited number of offspring, whereas a male can have a virtually unlimited number, provided that he can find females willing to mate with him.”

“Thus females generally need to be much choosier about who they mate with.”

While Bateman was really referring to animals with his principle, this recent study took a look at how it applies to humans.

The authors of the study took a look at the Pimbwe people, who are hunter-gatherers located in a very remote village in Eastern Africa, and they analyzed their offspring and marriages.

They followed 2,000 Pimbwe people for approximately 2 decades to come to their conclusions.

“Bateman’s principle would seem to suggest that men should value marrying multiple times whereas women would benefit more from staying faithful to a single husband,” Monique Borgerhoff Mulde, the lead author of the study, said to Theravive in an interview.

But what pattern Monique uncovered after conducting the study ended up telling her something quite different.

“While men with multiple spouses had a lower rate of producing children than men with fewer spouses, women with multiple spouses had a larger number of surviving children over their lifetime than women with fewer spouses,” she concluded.

Monique thinks that the women she studied most likely benefit from having several husbands, as if a husband becomes poor or in ill-health, they can be replaced with a man in much better shape.

She also believes that it’s also advantageous for the women to have several sets of in-laws they can rely upon for help if needed.

Well, move over, Sister Wives.

Certainly interesting findings! You can check out the whole study here.

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