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Sibling Wants The Internet To Tell Them If They’re A Jerk For ‘Doubting’ The Death Of Their Brother’s Lying, Cheating Ex-Wife

Buckle up, because this is kind of one wild ride. And it just might be a scam, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. A sibling is on the internet asking if they’re a jerk for “doubting” the death of their brother’s lying, cheating ex-wife.

“Ooooh boy. Here we go,” they started out their post by saying. “A little context – my brother married young to a woman even younger who I never really cared for but respected since my brother loved her.”

“They stayed together for a couple of years and moved to a different state until she went back home on vacation and decided to never come back and requested a divorce.”

“During the time of their marriage, she has lied consistently. She has been dishonest about: Her being faithful to my brother. Her music career or lack thereof.”

“Her pregnancy or lack thereof. (This is a real big issue with me. My brother is military and was told that she was pregnant while he was out on deployment and when he returned, he was told that she had lost the child during birth, but had no paperwork, no pictures or doctor visits or NOTHING. Everyone was in the dark, apparently.) Knowing all of this, my brother stills remains in contact.”

“Which is whatever, but I have some real problems since every time there’s contact, there seems to be money involved.”

“Since the divorce, He’s given her money frequently.”

“The biggest story I’ve heard is that she was being arrested and needing some money to pay off “dirty cops” that of course my brother gave her, putting him in some financial bind.”

“She says that she would pay him back, but when it came time to pay up, she was nowhere to be seen. Of course, she did.”

“I said that the dirty cops thing was probably bull, he got upset, I dropped the issue.”

“Which brings me to now. He mentioned casually that she passed about a week ago.”

“…I know he still cares about her. Then he mentions that he threw some money to her friend to have her cremated. Which throws up red flags to me.”

“I ask how she passed and I get this super wild story about multiple surgeries, blood clots, medically induced comas and her wanting to be out on a beach when she died, so they let her out and her friend injecting her with sedatives to help her pass and……I dunno.”

“It was hard to follow, guys and that’s about all I could take from it, but it threw up a ton of red flags.”

“He also mentioned him being told that he was on her life insurance which is….weird, but not the weirdest thing, I guess?”

“I thought real hard but I couldn’t stop myself from saying “I may be wrong, and if I am, I’m going to hell, but that sounds like bull. Have you heard from her family? Only one friend? Have you seen her Facebook?”

“He kinda leaned back in his seat and said “I knew I shouldn’t have told you. I should have just kept it to myself.” AND MAN, I felt like sh*t.”

“Still do. But it bothers me something fierce on multiple levels. She has shown throughout the years that she’s willing to dupe my brother and it infuriates me.”

“I feel terrible that I even have to wonder if someone really passed away.”

“I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t have my doubts that she just used the friend to get more money out of my brother.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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