23-Year-Old Goes On Vacation, Ends Up Naked And Covered In Cuts On A Stranger’s Doorstep Saying Someone Was Out To Get Her Before Disappearing Just Days Later And It’s Been Over 10 Years Since She Was Last Seen

Back in 2008, Christine Lindsey Walters was a 23-year-old young woman studying botany at the University of Wisconsin while living in Deerfield with her family.

Christine was down to earth and independent. She was friendly and self-assured. She loved nature pilates and yoga. She had strawberry-blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

She held several different jobs; working at an organic farm as well as teaching yoga and pilates.

In the summer of 2008 while on break, Christine went to visit Portland, Oregon, and she had every intention of returning home to start school again in the fall, but her plans changed.

She ended up loving that part of the country so much and the lifestyle that came with it, that she wanted to stay out west a little longer.

Following her decision, she ended up in Eureka, California with some friends of hers, which is not that far away from Oregon. Eureka sits right along the coast, and it’s also located within Humboldt County.

While this area is something of a dream for nature lovers, being that it’s right by the water, the Redwoods, and the mountains, it’s also something of a sinister place.

There are quite a few missing persons cases in the area that are very strange, and to add to that, Humboldt County has the second-highest murder rate within the entire state.

Facebook; Christine smiles in the photo above

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