Instagram Influencer Becomes A Poster Child For What Not To Do During A Pandemic And Here’s Everything She Did Wrong That The Internet Is Up In Arms Over

Arielle Charnas is a designer and Instagram influencer who lives in New York City, and she is now the national post child for what not to do during a pandemic.

People online are irate over the “privilege” she flaunted, and she’s getting death threats for what she so brazenly did.

Here’s everything she did wrong that the internet is up in arms over.

Everything began back on March 16th, when Arielle revealed to her 1 million-plus followers that she had not been feeling well.

She then leveraged her personal contacts to get tested for the virus, which is the first thing that really rubbed people the wrong way, given that it was and still is pretty much impossible to get tested due to test shortages.

Arielle documented the testing process on Instagram, while Diet Prada slammed her for “flaunting her privilege.”

“What’s the point of showing/normalizing the testing process if it’s not available or affordable for so many people?”

Arielle ended up testing positive, so here’s a list of what she did that really set people off.

Instagram; Arielle is pictured above

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