Young Woman Moves Out Of The Apartment She Shared With Some Pretty Toxic Roommates, Then Asks The Internet If She Was In The Wrong For Not Reminding Them Which Furniture Was Hers

Shout-out to my mom for being the best roommate ever.

Living with roommates can be fun, and it can also be the downright worst. I feel like there’s just no in-between.

A young woman moved out of her apartment that she shared with some pretty toxic roommates, and now she’s asking the internet if she’s in the wrong for not reminding them which furniture was hers.

“In September I moved in with three girls who I thought were my best friends (all in early 20s),” she starts out by explaining.

“We’ll call them Anne, Elizabeth, and Jane. Anne and I were especially close because we worked a summer job together.”

“However, after we moved in, things got really hostile with her.”

“Anne could only find a minimum wage internship out of college so she had the smallest room in the apartment and would always make me feel bad that I had a bigger room, although obviously I was paying much more for it.”

“She started telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to leave things in common area closets because she should get more of the space.”

“Whatever, I try not to create conflict so I moved some stuff into my room.”

“Other things started to happen. I’d make a comment about my life (ex. “I forgot to practice my instrument!”) and she would take it as backhanded insults on her life (“you’re making me feel bad that I don’t practice”).”

“She would use my cookware and not clean them for days, and then tell me since it was in the common area I couldn’t call it mine anymore and had to let her use them however she pleased.”

“For some reason, all the hostility was directed towards me and not Elizabeth and Jane. I decided to completely disengage.”

“This made her so angry that for months she would gaslight me at home.”

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