‘Absolutely Beautiful’ Star UNC College Student Found Shot Dead In The Road And Her Killers Were Caught On Camera

22-year old Eve Carson was just kind through and through. She had beauty, she had brains, and she had a cheerfully infectious personality.

Growing up in Athens, Georgia, she became something of a big sister to the younger children who lived in the neighborhood of her friendly community.

After she graduated high school, she got accepted to the University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill.

You would think pursuing a major in biology and political science while maintaining her scholarship and keeping up her stellar grades would have left Eve with little time outside of her studies…

…But she still found ways to free up her schedule to work on projects that did good for others.

She always took the time to ask people how they were doing. She always made an effort to make those around her feel special, even though she was quite busy.

Facebook; Eve smiles in the photo above

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