The Internet Is Saying This Rare Animal Rescued By An Australian Animal Hospital Looks Just Like A Real Live Pikachu

I think it’s safe to say Pikachu is everyone’s favorite Pokémon.

Just when you thought they didn’t exist in real life, the internet is insisting this rare animal rescued by an Australian animal hospital looks just like a Pikachu.

Somebody found this adorable animal just lying in the road, and they quickly sprang into action, bringing her straight to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital.

This hospital is located in Boronia, Victoria, and while they mostly take care of pets like dogs and cats, they were able to help this little animal out!

Here’s what she really is and why she looks just like a cartoon.

Facebook; the Boronia Veterinary Clinic shared the above photo of this adorable animal the internet is calling a Pikachu

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