Her 14-Year-Old Neighbor Creepily Lurks Around In The Dark And Waits For Her To Come Home So He Can Try To Talk To Her And She’s Asking The Internet For Help

“For example, I’ll get home from work at night and I’ll often see John just standing outside in the dark with no flashlight not appearing to be doing anything.”

“Sometimes he stands in the middle of the street or in other people’s yards, completely in the dark and not moving.”

“Our neighborhood has a lot of petty crime so it doesn’t really make sense why John’s grandmother would let him be outside alone in the middle of the night like that for no reason.”

“Other neighbors have seen John entering vacant properties, not stealing or anything, just kinda hanging out in the same couple of houses that are either for sale or under construction.”

“Over the past week or so, John has been coming up to me when I get off of work, trying to start a conversation and addressing me by name or bringing up personal details about my family, which is strange because I’ve never introduced myself to him and my family steers clear of them for the most part.”

“I found this creepy but harmless until last night when I got home from a friend’s house at about 12:30 and John was standing in my yard waiting to greet me.”

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